Friday, May 29, 2009


It's 11:16 on Friday night & here I am slaving away on the second issue of CR02. Sad really. Actually, I'm feeling kinda' shitty from another fuckin cold coming on, and the thought of drinking tonight is making me feel worse (See Ma, I'm not an alcoholic). Just finished an interview and a few drawings in between a couple of Castlevania III sessions. The second issue's really shaping up and 75% of the art is drawn, inked, and scanned at 300 dpi. (any bigger andit really slows down the process.

For those of you who may've noticed a kind of blurriness in the first issue, it was due to me designing EVERYTHING in Photoshop Elements. Every page had about 150-200 layers, then flattened. It turned the text to a JPEG image creating that blurry effect. My bad...sorry. Fuck it, it was the first issue. You have to learn.

As for the printing process, issue 2 will once again be done by SIPS Comics (South Island Printing Services) in Vancouver. They've been real bros about the whole thing & I wanna stick with them. Ontario, funny enough, wasn't too co-operative. We learned quickly that it was easier to ship it in from Vancouver, if you can believe it.

Getting back to the first issue, we're running pretty low. We're gonna reprint some more, but that'll be it. 2nd printing will also have something slightly different, just to be all George Lucas/Marvel comics marketing-like.

That's all I have to say now, really. Just an update. But know this, CHROMIUM DIOXIDE 2:THE PUMPENING will rip your balls off & store 'em in a jar right next to Papa Doc's. I'm off to bed, soft core Spanish porn is on.

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