Friday, May 29, 2009


So here's the plot so far. Film takes place, like. 3 or 4 years after E.T and Elliot part ways. When E.T. comes back to visit Elliot on his March break weekend, like 3 or 4 years later), he finds Elliot has changed a lot. He's got new friends & a controlling bitch girlfriend. No place for E.T. So basically, E.T. says "fuck this," bails on Elliot (without burning any bridges) and goes off to explore other worlds.Long story short, E.T. arrives on the planet....Predernia. He doesn't fit in and the Predators are gonna kill theshit out of him, but then, the village elder of the Predators (a hard ass, but time-has-kinda-made-him-soft-sort-of-guy) realizes that E.T. would be a good companion for his autistic predator son. E.T. agrees, and the rest is movie magic.Let me know if you'd like to fund this project.

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  1. At least it would make a fine graphic novel, very touching... I'm almost crying right now.