Saturday, June 11, 2011


Man oh man. If a picture says a million words, then what the fuck does a poorly assembled Banzai Records collage have to say!? Thanks to HARD LUCK BAR for having us. TOXIC VISION Sharon for all she did to make the sleazy theme of this issue come to hot n' sexy life, Nic & Cam for great shots & of course all you awesomely miserable chi's & castle brides for coming out & howling at the moon with us & then swooning on the filthy floor. Drunk as hell. True as steel VINYL ONLY party of raging death, speed, glam, Euro obscuro, thrash &, of course, sultry A.O.R Pomp. See you at the FIFTH!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hear ye, Hear ye. So nothing really else to say except read the poster. Big fuckin dance off. Slimer & I will be spinning ONLY VINYL (not bull-shit MP3/ipods). There's gonna be babes, cake, loot bags, conjurings, and prizes. So come out and dance with us.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


With the release of issue # 4 just around the corner, we've decided to really push ourselves past the casual production of the zine & go all out to get more of these out to you guys. In the past, we usually took a month & a half off from Chromium to relax from the hellish task of making one of these; enjoy the fruits of our labour: wine, women & song. This time, however, we're buckling down right away on the moody grimness of the 5th installment: STEELE DIAMOND. Like I said, the sickly sweetness of the 4th collapses under it's own weight & number 5 will be our EMPIRE STRIKES BACK/ TEMPLE OF DOOM - the bastard issue. Anyway, hang tight & thank you to all you sum' bitches out there supporting the mag! Eventually CHROMIUM, like NATIONAL LAMPOON (in their prime) will make it it's mission to make films...
CHROMIUM DIOXIDE'S SHROVE TUESDAY & CHROMIUM DIOXIDE'S LEAGUE NIGHT??? Stick around. In the meantime, nuke the popcorn & pour up the J&B, it's fuckin' date night.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just a few Samples of my Collection

Decided to post a few pics of my Metal Lp's & a few rare Horror soundtrack Lp.s The rarest of the rare in this list would HAVE to be SMITHWORKS "Covered in Blood" which I picked up for $4.99 and it turned out to be a $500 +(!!!) album. RUSH's debut on Moon Records is also a valuable one here. Of course this isn't even the tip of my 4000 plus metal/horror collection but here's a few jewels all the same. Of course, I'll never be happy with the collection & instead of being happy with what I have I obsess over what I don't. Collecting is such a fucking sickness, but I'm ok with it.

FEW majors I want: COMMANDER - High n' Mighty, COMMANDMENT "Engraved in Stone (Original), CRYING STEEL "On the Prowl"
LEATHER NUNN, WYZARD "Knights of Metal." Of course I'm gonna have to sell a few more fucking Chromiums before those things happen. So buy up!

In the process of putting together a visual computer catalogue of all the LP's to make things easier, but its monumental task.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Dave, Rose & I really wanted to capture the sex romp, glam metal sleaze of the 4th issue & we all felt that my shitty art really wasn't gonna cut it. We knew immediately that Sharon Toxic of Toxic Vision would be perfect for the job; her work, reputation & glowing personality would be able to fucking zero-in on our collective vision of Chromium's idea of what Midnight Champagne would be. Boy, were we ever fucking right. Toxic called up the brilliant photograher, Dana Bruchette & enlisted the talents of a small army of gorgeous models: Kristen Aubin, Jackie Szakall, Alycia Gallagher, Hayley Campbell and Emily Mandell, as well as a fucking equally beautiful & talented hair & Make-up team, Robyn Hancock, Paula Von Zombie, Jasmine Glass, & Rachel Naish. It was hilarious because, as you can probably tell, we really weren't in our element and we were obviously first. It was like a fuckin' Grade 7 dance. Girls on one side, loser dudes on the other.
We prepared a tray of fresh veggies & cookies for the models to appear professional. hahahahaha. At one point, Dave turned to me and said, "We're really treading new ground with shitty zines, dude. I feel like a pornograher. Jesus." We all cracked up & because we felt so uneasy I suggested we get a huuuge bottle of vodka & a two-four of Pabst. Everyone agreed. The fuckin party started & we got rite on 'er. A7 6:30 pm on sunday, the shoot was done & I was bombed like it was the fuckin' SuperBowl or something.

The work & effort all these ladies put into making this happen blew my mind & we will be forever thankful. They really captured the overall mood of our humble little publication. Hope you enjoy it, each one's a fucking lot of work to do but man, what a goddamn laugh too. Champagne wishes, kids.

Final Indy Chromium Mansion

So I got a bunch of e-mails to see the final Indy display I was working on. Done. Fuck man, was almost as much work as the Ghostbusters suit n' pack - ALMOST. Added Fuller's earth to age it and distress it. 100% screen accurate from the RAIDERS era. Added my Mola Ram statue # 95/750. Pretty sweet, oui? Yes, I know I'm a fuckin' nerd. Get ready for JASON part VI - with real shellacked maggots. ahahahaha. Rachel's tripping balls. Stay tuned & and have a couch ready in case I get divorced.

Friday, January 28, 2011

"Where the Fuckin' magic Goes Down"

Hey MTV Cribs. Welcome to the offices of Chromium Dioxide. Here's where I draw & color. Work starts by 7:30 a.m & I stop at 10:15 for juice & a nap.
My board is actually an original one from Hanna Barbara - my favorite animation studio when I was a kid. Got this from one of their original animators. I met her in school. She had worked on Scooby-Doo, Quick Draw McGraw & Laugh Olympics. That blew my mind. She liked my "Jobbers" animation & said that I had appealing design skill & gave me the board. I think she just pitied me.