Friday, March 4, 2011


Dave, Rose & I really wanted to capture the sex romp, glam metal sleaze of the 4th issue & we all felt that my shitty art really wasn't gonna cut it. We knew immediately that Sharon Toxic of Toxic Vision would be perfect for the job; her work, reputation & glowing personality would be able to fucking zero-in on our collective vision of Chromium's idea of what Midnight Champagne would be. Boy, were we ever fucking right. Toxic called up the brilliant photograher, Dana Bruchette & enlisted the talents of a small army of gorgeous models: Kristen Aubin, Jackie Szakall, Alycia Gallagher, Hayley Campbell and Emily Mandell, as well as a fucking equally beautiful & talented hair & Make-up team, Robyn Hancock, Paula Von Zombie, Jasmine Glass, & Rachel Naish. It was hilarious because, as you can probably tell, we really weren't in our element and we were obviously first. It was like a fuckin' Grade 7 dance. Girls on one side, loser dudes on the other.
We prepared a tray of fresh veggies & cookies for the models to appear professional. hahahahaha. At one point, Dave turned to me and said, "We're really treading new ground with shitty zines, dude. I feel like a pornograher. Jesus." We all cracked up & because we felt so uneasy I suggested we get a huuuge bottle of vodka & a two-four of Pabst. Everyone agreed. The fuckin party started & we got rite on 'er. A7 6:30 pm on sunday, the shoot was done & I was bombed like it was the fuckin' SuperBowl or something.

The work & effort all these ladies put into making this happen blew my mind & we will be forever thankful. They really captured the overall mood of our humble little publication. Hope you enjoy it, each one's a fucking lot of work to do but man, what a goddamn laugh too. Champagne wishes, kids.

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