Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just a few Samples of my Collection

Decided to post a few pics of my Metal Lp's & a few rare Horror soundtrack Lp.s The rarest of the rare in this list would HAVE to be SMITHWORKS "Covered in Blood" which I picked up for $4.99 and it turned out to be a $500 +(!!!) album. RUSH's debut on Moon Records is also a valuable one here. Of course this isn't even the tip of my 4000 plus metal/horror collection but here's a few jewels all the same. Of course, I'll never be happy with the collection & instead of being happy with what I have I obsess over what I don't. Collecting is such a fucking sickness, but I'm ok with it.

FEW majors I want: COMMANDER - High n' Mighty, COMMANDMENT "Engraved in Stone (Original), CRYING STEEL "On the Prowl"
LEATHER NUNN, WYZARD "Knights of Metal." Of course I'm gonna have to sell a few more fucking Chromiums before those things happen. So buy up!

In the process of putting together a visual computer catalogue of all the LP's to make things easier, but its monumental task.

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