Monday, January 11, 2010


It's an honor to have Mr. Dovington in Chromium HQ via the phone lines from Jolly Ol.' Clive's been working with us now for over year and we value his metal expertise, especially in the rich fields of NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal -in case you don't know sweet fuck all). Welcome Sir.

Clive: 'Allo, 'allo, 'allo. What 'ave we 'ere?

CD: Philthy, brah.' That's what you got.

Clive: Awright geeezzaa! Where da fuck is Dave? Sorted mate!

CD: 'Prolly sick as fuck, my man. I know he's in the studio recording with SLAUGHTER STRIKE. Heavy as shit, dude, you'd probably hate it.

Clive: Lawd above! Dave's a upton park lad, no doubt. Real one ton ov a bitch. But I twilight crap 'im., innit.

CD:...yes. Exactly. So Clive's what's new, dude? What's on the playlist & how's work?

Clive: Ten rabi' 'utch man. Just 'ere workin' on da QUARTZ fan club, Mailin' aaaht membership cards what I just finished laminating.6 more members dis year already. Just started workin' at me mad lad's new chip stand an' I'm sellin' mixed tapes I made aaaht ov i' an' all. Deadly. I do believe you call 'em ....fries. Mad.

CD: So, what kind of tunes you have on say...your best seller bootleg cassette?

Clive: Lor' luv a duck! Glad you asked. It's fuckin' gem! Here's da tracklist . Nuff said, yeah?

Cronos - Dancing in the Fire , Saxon - "Still Fit to Boogie" Nightwing - "Evil Woman"

White Spirit - "High Upon High" Axis - "Galaxy of Love" Blackmayne - "Man Overboard"

Big Daisy -" Fever" Bollweevil- "Sands of Time" Hammer - "Caution to the Wind"

Helvellyn - "On Top and Movin' Goldsmith -"Everybody Needs It" & Race Against Time (demo) - "Bleed You Dry"

Phil: Nice. Not the standard line-up of tracks. How much for one?

Clive: How much do you you 'ave?

(Interview was cut short. Clive's Mom needed the phone)

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