Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Power Remains.... Amebix live!!

Yeah yeah, I can hear you Chrome-hounds out there: "Where the fuck is Slimer!?" So I'm a little late for the blog party, but hey, shit came up and you can't rush excellence.

I'm checking in for the first of many posts to regale you all about having one of my musical dreams fulfilled last Saturday night as I witnessed the mighty Amebix live in the flesh. I admit there was part of me that was initially skeptical when I heard they were re-uniting for a tour with none other than Rob Mayorga behind the kit. For me and many others, Amebix is a very personal band. Those of you who are fans may know what I mean. They have a very evolved and potent aesthetic to them musically and especially lyrically. I've always felt they left a perfectly succinct legacy behind them when they disbanded. Could a live reunion tour after all this time really have the same powerful, singular, goosebump inflicting effect that their recordings have?

The answer is yes. Unquestionably. Holy fuck!

The day began early under the weight of a nuclear hangover. Spending the afternoon in the company of old friends sipping vodka from watermelons and properly Tying One On to a soundtrack of vintage metal and ALF impressions had me in the perfect state to see one of my musical heroes.

Many beers later as I watched The Baron, Stig, and Mr. Mayorga take the stage I couldn't help but scream primordially in excitement. As they strapped on their instruments and a wash of dark noise came over the PA I realized it: "This is going to be amazing". Their set was loud as fuck, tight, powerful and spanned their whole recording career. Rob Mayorga is a fucking phenomenal drummer and the perfect human being to be driving Amebix forward. I and countless others were blown away and simply enraptured by the spectacle of these warriors delivering their vision of the world. It was such an intense show that I admit I shed a tear or two during the chorus of Arise.

If you have yet to witness this tour, do it. THE POWER REMAINS.

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