Friday, January 28, 2011

"Where the Fuckin' magic Goes Down"

Hey MTV Cribs. Welcome to the offices of Chromium Dioxide. Here's where I draw & color. Work starts by 7:30 a.m & I stop at 10:15 for juice & a nap.
My board is actually an original one from Hanna Barbara - my favorite animation studio when I was a kid. Got this from one of their original animators. I met her in school. She had worked on Scooby-Doo, Quick Draw McGraw & Laugh Olympics. That blew my mind. She liked my "Jobbers" animation & said that I had appealing design skill & gave me the board. I think she just pitied me.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Awesome lazy Thursday

Today wasn't as productive as I had hoped. Had way too much fun for a Wednesday last night & really paid the price. Drew a bit, inked, & scanned, but really had a hard time with the writing. Total block. Times like that, it's just better to fuck off & go back to it later. Coffee & a double-bill screening of PSYCHOMANIA & DAWN OF THE MUMMY really stirred the creative juices again & the icing on the cake was that I found 2 & half 7-11 taquitos and a bag of Sour cream & Onion Ruffles in the freezer!? I have no memory of this, & while that does concern me, there was fuckin' taquitos! (note to self - gym tomorrow)
Stymi, my free-reign pet Squirrel, stopped by on the patio & I fed him some pistachios. He's a pretty decadent guy so I try to spice things up a bit for him. Occasionally he gets garlic croutons when we're out of nuts. Great day. Everyone was a winner at Chateaux Chromium.
*if you're wondering why my Indiana Jones mannequin has no pants, it's because I'm waiting on a WESTED LEATHER order.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


That's right, gang. We've sold the fuck out! Not really, we're all good pals & we decided to help each other out. We'll be swimming in the loot soon enough! 8 pages focusing on the band, the process & all other shit, CAULDRON.

Buy it!


COMING in 2011.


Soon bask in the sweet pink neon of MIDNIGHT CHAMPAGNE ! Everything's done & I'm presently doing lay-outs. Perhaps, I'll even proof-read this one. I dunno. Can't promise. We're far too steel for that. Really excited about this one and the experience making it was a total laugh. First issue to come with sleazy fold-out color centrefold.

Costume Finished

Ha! Fuck you! Told you it'd be done. After months & months of painstaking research & money Ifinally finished this bastard off. I know, I know. I'm a nerd. I've accepted it a long time ago. So has my poor girlfriend. Just check out that sexy GQ pose on panel 4! God damn that's the one they were screaming for.