Friday, September 18, 2009


So The Pumpening is all done and sent off to the immortal Scotty Woods of Sips Comics in Vancouver. Dave & I are more than pleased with the second issue, & in my humble opinion, it blows issue 1 outta the fuckin water. Lots of fun shit. Anyway, like issue #1 we're gonna have our release party soon & Dave & I will be DJ-ing again. Incredible turn-out last time so I can't wait to get drunk with every flavor of banger & punk again. The mag is avail by paypal from our site and various stores in States & Canada, but in Toronto it'll be sold at the following locations: HITS & MISSES, MONSTER RECORDS, SONIC BOOM, SUSPECT VIDEO, EYESORE VIDEO & ROTATE THIS. We're re-printing another 300 issue 1's as well. Awesome shirts coming too. That's it for now & yeas, we'll be posting a lot of new shit VERY soon too. Now, we begin CHROMIUM DIOXIDE III for Jan. release.